A30 Katie lane
Strathroy, Ontario
N7G 4E5
+1 226-688-7812

Invoice Number INV-0018
Invoice Date November 21, 2021
Total Due $1,070.11

1534 coronation drive,
London, Ontario
N6G 5P6

Dear Khadija.

I am sending the following quote to summarize what we discussed earlier, you will find the prices of the materials we need for the website plus our charges.
please note that the prices mentioned in this quote are in USD money (ignore the note at the end that says invoice in Canadian Dollars)

Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
1 WordPress Theme

we will be using the following theme

1 events management system

we are using the following system

1 Event QR Code Addon

Add QR codes to the tickets

1 Bambora payment gateway plugin (1 year membership, renew annually)

To accept payments directly to your bank account.
require A Bambora merchant account. Bambora is only available for merchants in Canada or the US.

1 Hosting plan (1 year membership, renew annually)
1 Fees and expense

most websites charge you extra fees and expense when you buy items from them such as themes and plugins.

30 Hours of work $20.000.00%$600.00
Sub Total $947.00
Tax $123.11
Total Due $1,070.11