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Quote Date January 23, 2021
Total $666.70
Mohammad Najjar

DEAR Mr. Najjar,

Thank you for taking the time to discuss your business digital marketing needs, including website design, web hosting, Online marketing, and other services. Based on our experience at GreenWebBuzz.ca, we are confident we can build your website and provide all necessary assistance to start your online business, such as domain name, hosting, and any other needed services

GreenWebBuzz has been delivering best-in-class digital marketing services to our clients for over ten years. Based on your current digital marketing needs, our recommended approach will focus on designing and developing an informative website where customers and partners can get information about your business and a way to reach out to you. We recommend using a theme to design your website. Themes usually are very high-quality websites tested by hundreds if not thousands of users, which means it is more secured and less likely to have any bugs or issues, another plus for using themes. They are more cost and time efficient than creating something from scratch.

I am sending you a list of our services as requested; if you find that we can help in any way through the services we provide at GreenWebBuzz.ca, please feel free to reach out to us and ask any questions you might have.

Our Services

Web Sites Design & Development
Web Hosting & Domain Names
Graphic Design
Online Marketing
Mobile Apps Design
Websites & Social Account Management

If you find our services and prices are in your range, we would like to set a meeting to discuss the next step in building your online business identity.

Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
1 Website Theme

we will provide different types of themes to you so you can pick which one is more suitable for your needs; each theme have a different price, which means the price might change depending on which theme we choose to go with

1 Website Design & Development
1 Domain Name

Renewal every year, the price might change when renewed

1 Hosting plan

Basic business plan, Basic email starter package Renewal every year, the price might change when renewed

Sub Total $590.00
Tax $76.70
Total $666.70

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