A30 Katie lane
Strathroy, Ontario
N7G 4E5

+1 226-688-7812

Quote Number QUO-5
Quote Date February 12, 2022
Total $791.00

1534 coronation drive,
London, Ontario
N6G 5P6


Dear IBusinessCo,

This is a quote for the modifications you requested on the Massage website, and It will cover the points mentioned in this quote only. If there is anything else you need that is not mentioned here, please let me know.

Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
1 5 GB Hosting Plan

5 GB hosting plan that is paid yearly

1 Appointment Booking System

Appointment Booking System - Allow to book services, manage employees, selected location, and accept payments

1 Website Design And Development

Website Design And Development - design include up to 10 pages, this does not include the content of the websites content, images, any other media and information must be provided by customer.

1 Square Payment Activation.

connect the website with square account, customer must provide an active Square account.

Sub Total $700.00
Tax $91.00
Total $791.00

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