Drive Wise London


Today, Green Web Buzz is happy to reveal that they have taken a step in their client expansion by welcoming Drive Wise London to their client fold!

Drive Wise London is a road safety based private company that has the goal of training potential drivers in the safest possible way for themselves and for others. This company relies on tech-based training and simulations to give all the experience of driving in a safe and secure way.

Green Web Buzz has aligned with Drive Wise London with the hope of extending their useful technology as far and wide as the internet can go. With an improved user-friendly website, SEO services, Online Marketing and advertising and web design, Drive Wise is sure to experience an increase in client outreach.

Green Web Buzz has many clients. It is a pleasure to be able to say that Drive Wise London is one of them! While they may be one of our newest clientele expansions, it is great to have an opportunity to work with them.

About Drive Wise

Based in London, Ontario Drive Wise London is a drivers education company aimed to deliver safe and secure driving options for beginners. Using simulators they create life-like replicas of real-life road and situations without endangering the lives of the learners and the experienced drivers. Contact them at 519-719-0438 or

About Green Web Buzz

Based in London, this web-based company serves its clients with unique web designs, SEO, online marketing and advertising, web development, app designs and web hosting. For more information contact us at  +1-226-688-7812. or visit our contact us page.

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