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We are looking for writers to provide different sorts of web content. We are a Canadian based company which is specializing in web development, e-marketing, web design, graphic design, and web hosting. 

We have a handful of qualifications. The writer is expected to be able to: 

  1. Research topics that we provide. The writer can expect to be tasked with researching a variety of fields.
  2. Write high-quality content; e.g. excellent grammar, syntax, and phrasing. You should be able to provide engaging and interesting content to our clientele. 
  3. Become, or already be, fluent in English.
  4. Acquire a computer with a reliable internet connection. We want to be able to communicate with the writer, to be able to address issues such as deadlines and necessary rewrites.
  5. Deliver work on time. We operate on a tight schedule, and as such we expect high-quality work to be delivered on our schedule. 
  6. Learn how to use GoogleTools, such as GoogleDocs.
  7. Follow instructions.

When you join our establishment, you are expected to write articles on the requested topics, make your own research on it and the desired writing styles of those articles, follow all other instructions, and deliver them on time. The writer’s contract is ongoing; if you follow all of our qualifications, and deliver high-quality content, then expect to receive more assignments and projects over time! We really appreciate those skills!

The payment of your job is determined by the quality of the writing, so the better you perform with the given task, the more you will be paid! Payments will be delivered via PayPal or Western Union. Keep in mind that our company judges the quality of the writing. We also take into consideration the number of words used.

By working with us, you get to choose your own hours, work as much or as little as you want and get paid! This is a great opportunity for writers of any skill level!



40 thoughts on “Hiring Writers

  1. Rae'd Alturman Reply

    Dear Sir/Madam
    I am looking forward to be hired for this job because I am interested in writing, I am a writer in my native language as well as English… , and I have been teaching English since 2005.
    Looking forward to hearing from you

    Rae’d Alturman

  2. Rae'd Alturman Reply

    Dear Sir/Madam
    I am looking forward to be hired for this job because I am interested in writing, I am a writer in my native language as well as English… , and I have been teaching English since 2005.
    Looking forward to hearing from you

    Rae’d Alturman

  3. Ghaith Reply

    Hello. My Name is Ghaith and frankly I d like to join this field. One of my best interests and hobbies is writing. And Actually it’s an amazing and essential opportunity for me to write about various topics.

  4. Saeed Alaryan Reply

    From whom it may concern:

    I have been fond of writing and reading ever since a young age, I write stories, scripts, sketches, and songs. I’m Fluent in using all of the required tools, also fluent in reading and writing the English language. I am also undergoing a course in Spanish to add more value to my writing skills. I am looking forward to get Atleast a feedback from you.

    Thank you
    Saeed Alaryan

  5. Hamza jaber Reply

    I am a young man, a general maintenance technician, as an engineer with 12 years of experience, especially in 5-star hotels, and I am ambitious to work outside the country …

    • greenadmin Post authorReply

      actually this job is done online so you won’t be leaving the country for this job, good luck with your goal.

  6. Serg Reply

    I’m name serg Yessaian 24 years old I study hotel magnate and now work chef live in Amman Jordan

    • Hana Fayez Reply

      To Whom It May Concern,
      I am interested in the above mentioned potential vacancy. I am holding a Ph.D in English Language from University of Sussex and since then, I am teaching English Literature, including writing courses at Yarmouku University_ Irbid- Jordan.

      Will be grateful if you consider my application.

      Looking forward hearing back from you soonest.


  7. Noor Sharqawi Reply

    Good day ,
    Kingly i’m looking to work with a internation company

  8. Ghaith Reply

    Hello everyone.
    I’m so interested to work in this field . thanks so much for this opportunity.
    Ghaith Hmoud

  9. Ala' O. Zayed Reply

    It’s a true pleasure working with you. All pre-mentioned criteria are quite fitting on me.

    Looking forward to hearing from you ASAP.

    Best Regards,

    • greenadmin Post authorReply

      we will get back to the accepted applications as soon as we can, thank you for applying.

  10. Ahmad Reply

    Aiming to make a significant contribution in IT field. I’m looking forward to have a remarkable position within my Software Engineering major and keep in track with the development of Technology, Computer Teaching (ICDL), polish my skills, reveal my creativity, lead progressive ideas within a growth-oriented organization.

    • greenadmin Post authorReply

      Thank you for your interest, kindly fill the application and we will review it

  11. Basel Reply

    Electrical engineer I work in electrical installations and maintenance of electrical machinery and equipment

    • greenadmin Post authorReply

      it does not matter which language you are using to do the research as long as you write in English or the chosen language for the article.

  12. Faten Abo mhemed Reply

    Dear sir
    Iam ready for handwriting
    Iam interesting and I have a unique perspective in that field
    I have an excellent recipe In that job because I studied how to write excellent research on any topic and how to make paraphrasing for all previous reviews and research
    I graduated from college in last fall in Balqaa Applied university 2019/2020

  13. NIDAL NANISH Reply

    Hi, I’m a well-educated native Arabic speaker, having a Master’s degree. I have a long experience as an English/Arabic Translator, a researcher and a scientific writer. I have participated as a subcontract Translator in many projects under different categories; Economics, eCommerce, Technical Writing, Religion, Agriculture, Electronics, News, Cosmetics, Items, and many other subjects.

  14. Alaa Salama Reply

    Hi sir/ Madam,

    I am interested in the above mentioned job and I find the requriments is suitable for me and I can handle them.
    I am a professional writer with many years of experience. I can deliever high quality work and write in different niches.
    And as you evaluate the good work so I am dellighted to know that.

    Looking forward to hearing from you and discuss the details.

    Alaa Salama

  15. dalia Reply


    I am a very experienced content writer and I can complete your request quickly and accurately. Please accept me to work with you

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